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Socialism Today 158 - May 2012

Channel Tunnel lessons for HS2

AS A long-standing member of the section within Whitehall that was tasked with promoting the UK’s railway manufacturing equipment industry, I was especially interested in reading Neil Cafferky’s article (Socialism Today No.157, April 2012), Off on the wrong track?, about the High Speed 2.

There is one question that Neil does not address. That is, how much of the £37 billion investment will end up with British industry?

When the Channel Tunnel project became a reality we set up a dedicated team to ensure that UK based companies got the major share of the investment. This we achieved. Something similar needs to be put in place if and when HS2 gets the green light. Perhaps the RMT could become an advocate of a similar measure to help UK workers get work?

Peter D Cooper, Westcliff-on-Sea


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