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Marxism at the Millennium


SEATTLE PROVIDES A symbolic ending to the 20th century and to the close of the second millennium (of the Christian-Western calendar). One of the most prosperous cities of the world's richest and most powerful state was shaken by mass protests against the world-wide effects of capitalist globalisation. Demonstrators against the World Trade Organisation, both from within the US and from abroad, were clubbed and gassed by US imperialism's domestic robo-cops. Reflecting the sharpening social conflicts of the 1990s, the Battle of Seattle prefigures the elemental struggles which will unfold in the first decade of the 21st century.

Battle in Seattle

WTO under siege

TENS OF thousands of protesters blockaded the WTO ministerial meeting in Seattle, successfully closing down its opening session. On the streets, riot police attacked non-violent demonstrators and imposed a no-protest zone, turning downtown Seattle into a police state. Inside the convention centre, t the chaotic talks ended in failure, with no agreed agenda for a new round of trade negotiations and bitter recriminations between national leaders.

Nato's Balkans quagmire, A socialist in the Scottish Parliament, the state of the Unions, and more...
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