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Issue 45, November 1999

Putin's 'putsch'
Appointed as prime minister just six months ago, Putin's meteoric rise to the top in the Kremlin seems unstoppable, as Russia heads for early presidential elections. ROB JONES from Workers' Democracy - the Committee for a Workers' International's section in the CIS - assesses the situation that Yeltsin's protégé faces in Russia today. more...

Venezuela - The Eye of the Storm
In the midst of Venezuela's worst economic crisis for decades, severe flooding killed thousands of people and brought air and sea ports to a standstill. TONY SAUNOIS evaluates the effects of the disaster against the political backdrop of the election 14 months ago of the radical president, Hugo Chávez. more...

Marxism at the millenium, the Battle in Seattle, and more...
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In Issue 45

Sweden's Neo-Nazis

Scotland: Tuition Fee victory in sight

China and the WTO

German CDU in crisis

How the Labour Party was formed

Kossovo war: one year on

Sri-Lanka: A deadly upsurge in communal violence

The Economic Horror by Viviane Forrester

UNDP: What the market really means