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How Red is Ken?

Ken Livingstone

Barring an unprecedented collapse in his popularity and a correspondingly miraculous rise in support for the hapless Frank Dobson, Labour's candidate, it is virtually certain that Ken Livingstone will achieve his personal ambition of becoming mayor on May 4. JIM HORTON, looks at what Londoners can expect from Livingstone as mayor while PETER TAAFFE examines what the Livingstone phenomenon means for the prospects of building a new mass socialist alternative to Blair.

Austria awakens - a country in resistance

Anti Haider demonstrators

Since February, seemingly peaceful Austria has been shaken by protests. Pictures of mass demonstrations hit the front pages all over the world. The slogan 'Widerstand' - resistance - was heard on Austrian radio and television. Jörg Haider was portrayed as the new Hitler. SONJA GRUSCH, of the Soczialistische Links Partei (SLP), the Committee for a Workers' International section in Austria, reports from Vienna on the opening of a new period.

Against Capitalism, Storm warnings from US and Bolivia, and more...
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In Issue No. 46

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