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The US enters a new political period

30 November, 1999. Over 50,000 labor, environmental and youth activists rocked Seattle and effectively shutdown the WTO meetings for a day.

30 November, 1999. 17 April, 2000. 7 November, 2000. Sometime in the future, political pundits who only recognize historical changes in retrospect, will see these dates as marking the threshold of a changed political situation in the US. Not so much for what happened on these dates, but for what they represent as tips of the icebergs that lie below the simple occurrences of the day.

Zimbabwe on the brink

Zimbabwe stands on the edge of a precipice. Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF), the party of liberation in government since the end of colonial rule, faces defeat in parliamentary elections due this year. WEIZMANN HAMILTON, assesses the situation 20 years after independence.

New Labour under siege, Pakistan since the coup, the growing anti-capitalist consciousness of the youth and more...
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In Issue No. 47

A16 protests in Washington DC

Racist upsurge in Britain

Students struggle to save free education

Korea: Elections and class battles

Bolivian insurrection

London: Where now for Livingstone

Northern Ireland: Good Friday two years on

Rover and the car industry crisis

Russia: The coronation of president Putin

Corporate Crime
By Gary Slapper and Steve Tombs