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New Labour under siege

Ken Livingstone humilliated New Labourin the May 4th London elections, beating their candidate to third pace

MAY 4 WAS an electoral disaster for New Labour, which lost the London mayoralty to Ken Livingstone, lost 600 seats in local council elections, and came a poor third to the Liberal Democrats in the Romsey parliamentary by-election. These results mark the end of the New Labour government's honeymoon, a puncturing of the extraordinary bubble of Blair's post-Thatcher/Major popularity.

Youth Politics

The May 1 protest is symptomatic of significant shifts in the mood of a section of young people internationally, as expressed by last year's Carnival Against Capitalism in the City of London and the mobilisations against the World Trade Organisation in Seattle and the IMF/World Bank in Washington DC.

Trotsky's life and ideas
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