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The Nader Challenge

Ralph Nader

Nader's decisive rejection of the Democrats is preparing the ground for a new mass party on the left. Lynn Walsh reports

Child Abuse, the family & society A social problem which can't be dealt with by simplistic slogans, writes Jean Thorpe

Oil Shock! Rising oil prices will accentuate world economic recessionary trends, writes Lynn Walsh
'Plan Colombia' The US is being drawn into fighting a proxy war, argues Tony Saunois, with continent-wide consequences
The trouble with men Eleanor Donne reviews two key books on the state of gender relations today

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In Issue No. 50

Camp David breakdown Even Arafat could not accept US plans

Danish Euro vote: The referendum and the far right

Welfare Warfare French unemployed under attack

Labour' spending plans Blair still following neo-liberal agenda

Scotland SNP leadership contest

The truth about capitalism Peter Taaffe savages a new book that tries to portray globalisation as progressive

EU bloc building Manny Thain assesses the prospects for 'the European project'

The power of photography
The impact of radical '30s photography in shattering the 'American Dream' mythology