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Middle East in flames

Mohammud Abu Dura

Despite the apparent calm of a few weeks ago, the Middle East has descended into bloody conflict. Israel is drifting into a Bosnian-type communal internecine showdown between Israeli Jews and Palestinians living in Israel. The whole region could be moving towards another Arab-Israeli war and a conflict between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli regime. These latest developments demonstrate in the clearest possible manner that lasting peace and genuine social and economic stability is impossible under capitalism. KEVIN SIMPSON writes.

Britain: Volatile Times The fuel protest in September was not a 'one-off' but an indication of the deep opposition fomenting just below the surface of society in Britain. Damaging sleaze allegations have further undermined Tony Blair's rule. In the run-up to a general election, New Labour are in danger of igniting a potentially explosive situation. PETER TAAFFE, Socialist Party general secretary, analyses Britain today.

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