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The Warmonger returns

Ariel Sharon returns

Kevin Simpson and Mandy Rabinb asses the implications of Sharon's victory

How can Capitalism be overthrown Imagine, a new book by Tommy Sheridan & Alan McCombes, reviewed by Peter Taaffe

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In Issue No. 54

Philippines rising The meaning of 'People Power II'

The Mandelson Affair New Labour and big business

Nice aftershocks What did the EU summit achive

All out in Gothenberg Prospects for Sweden's EU presidency

Congo after Kabila Kabila Jr means business for western powers

Sharif into exile Military protect Pakistan elite

Global Warning A tale of two climate conferences

Vote rigging and violence Sirtunga Jayasuriya reports on the current situation in Sri Lanka

Century City
Art anc culture in the Modern Metropolis

Sylvia Pankhurst
A life in radical politics