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Britain's No Choice Election

Britain's no choice election

AS NEW LABOUR'S first term in office draws to a close, it's clear that millions of workers and young people are deeply disillusioned. How should their discontent be channelled in the general election?

Drugs Debate Sinead Daly reports on a controversy amongst Scottish socialists

When bubble economies burst Laurence Coates looks at the Japanese experience

Brazil's Workers Party Andre Ferrary on the PT's recent election siccesses and the prospects now

Climate talks breakdown Capitalism cannot deal with one of humanity's biggest challenges, argues Manny Thain

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In Issue No. 55

Second term education Labours 'post comprehensive' plan

Tube Privatisation A Livingston-Blair rapprochement?

French Elections Problems for Jospin

Ukraine When gangster capitalists fall out

State of Revolution
Villa and Zapata and the Mexican revolution

Raging at racism
A new biography of Chester Himes