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Socialism Today 82 - April 2004


Socialism Today issue 82: Run Nader, RunMadrid and the aftermath

‘The wars are yours – the deaths are ours’, read one placard on a demonstration in Madrid in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

This summed up the mood of millions throughout Spain after the horrific bombings in Madrid on 11 March left over 200 dead and at least 1,400 injured. TONY SAUNOIS writes.

US elections

Time to break the two-party system

The moment Ralph Nader announced his run for president, the entire political establishment unleashed a torrent of abuse and condemnation. Nader’s campaign has inspired a broad coalition opposing it, uniting the editors of The Nation magazine with the Wall Street Journal, the liberal intelligentsia with the strategists of Corporate America. Socialist Alternative, the Socialist Party’s sister organisation in the USA, explain why they are supporting Nader’s stand.

Ideology & attitudes

How much have social attitudes changed in Britain over the past two decades? What effect have years of Tory and New Labour neo-liberal ideology had on the thinking of British people? CHRISTINE THOMAS looks at the British Social Attitudes 20th anniversary report.

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The end of the 'Teheran spring' will not stabilise the mullahs' regime, argues Mahmoud Bersani

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Manny Thain looks back at the tumultuous events of the 1974 Portuguese revolution