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Socialism Today 101 - June 2006


Socialism Today 101 - June 2006

Blair’s election defeat

May’s local elections exposed the deep discontent in British society. The remorseless attacks by Blair’s government on living standards and public services are fuelling widespread anger. As a result, New Labour lost over 300 council seats. The main beneficiary was the Tories. Parties and independents on the left also gained. But a stark warning was also issued by the gains made by the far-right BNP. PETER TAAFFE writes on the post-election situation.

France in spring

It took nearly two months of very militant action to defeat the government over the CPE (le contrat première embauche – first job contract). This victory could have opened up a new political situation, allowing the workers and youth to rush into the break, raising new demands, and engaging in struggle. This was not the case. But the establishment is now severely weakened. In fact, crisis seems to be always on the point of exploding but is each time postponed. ALEXANDRE ROUILLARD reports.


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