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Socialism Today 103 - September 2006


Socialism Today 103 - September 2006

Israel's assault backfires

The barbarous 34-day assault on Lebanon saw the deaths of at least 1,300 Lebanese, thousands injured, up to a million people forced to flee their homes, and civilian infrastructure shattered. On the Israeli side, 157 were killed, including 118 soldiers. But none of the Israeli regime’s objectives were achieved. The war exposed the limits of Israel’s military power, and that of its sponsor, US imperialism. Hezbollah, on the other hand, has been strengthened politically. This has provoked a crisis for Ehud Olmert’s government. The ceasefire has brought fighting to a halt for the time being, but the US-French brokered UN resolution will resolve none of the region’s problems. KEVIN SIMPSON analyses the situation.

Terror plots & spin: Socialism Today editorial

On the night of 9-10 August, New Labour’s home secretary, John Reid, announced a dramatic terrorist plot. Around 50 people, he said, had been involved in a conspiracy to use liquid explosives to bring down 20 planes flying between Britain and the USA. If successful, it would have resulted in "mass murder on an unimaginable scale". Twenty-one alleged conspirators were arrested under anti-terrorism laws, which allow the police to hold suspects for up to 28 days without being charged. Draconian security measures were implemented at all British airports, producing massive disruption for tens of thousands of travellers. Many of those stuck in airports ruefully reflected that Tony Blair and family had flown out of Britain the previous day to start their holiday in Barbados.

As we go to press, twelve have now been charged with conspiracy to murder or to prepare acts of terrorism, while police are still holding eleven other suspects.

China’s ecological suicide

a global nightmare

China is committing ecological suicide, argues LAURENCE COATES – destroying its waterways, atmosphere and natural resources to fuel runaway industrialisation. And this process threatens the entire planet. Just as the Chinese people are among the main victims of global warming, mainly caused by the older industrialised ‘West’, China’s latest export wave – acid rain, air pollution and even more greenhouse gases – is a major threat to the global environment.

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Speakers include:

Mark SerwotkaMark Serwotka, general secretary of the civil servants' union PCS

The PCS has led important struggles against government attacks on workers pay and conditions

Lucy RedlerLucy Redler, WASG regional executive committee and SAV (Socialist Alternative - CWI, Germany).

Leading anti-cuts campaigner in Berlin

Tommy SheridanTommy Sheridan MSP, leader of the newly formed Solidarity - the Scottish Socialist Movement.

Tommy recently defeated Murdoch's News Of The World in a famous court case.


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