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Socialism Today 105 - November 2006


Socialism Today 105 - November 2006

The Brown ascendancy

Tony Blairís days as prime minister are numbered. Almost certainly, Gordon Brown will replace him. Despite their intense personal rivalry, they have been the key architects of New Labourís neo-liberal policies. So, how different would a Brown government be? HANNAH SELL writes.

Capitalism Unleashed

Since the early 1980s, world capitalism has followed a trajectory based on globalisation and neo-liberal policies. In his new book, Capitalism Unleashed, Andrew Glyn analyses this turn to fundamentalist, free-market policies and examines its impact on economic growth and stability, and on the distribution of wealth between the super-rich and the working class. Reviewed by LYNN WALSH.

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Military fatigue
Breaking the army in Iraq & Afghanistan

Football's Russian mafia
And other dodgy dealers

Austria's election
Social Democrats' surprise win

Ireland's 'loans' scandal
Joe Higgins' speech to parliament


Hungary '56
Fifty years after the uprising was defeated, Clare Doyle looks at the truth behind the tragedy

How to stop the planet burning
The new George Monbiot book reviewed

The Ancestor's Tale
Richard Dawkins' pilgrimage to the dawn of life

Hezbollah & the ANC
An unfair comparison? A letter and a reply

Speakers include:

Mark SerwotkaMark Serwotka, general secretary of the civil servants' union PCS

The PCS has led important struggles against government attacks on workers pay and conditions

Lucy RedlerLucy Redler, WASG regional executive committee and SAV (Socialist Alternative - CWI, Germany).

Leading anti-cuts campaigner in Berlin

Tommy SheridanTommy Sheridan MSP, leader of the newly formed Solidarity - the Scottish Socialist Movement.

Tommy recently defeated Murdoch's News Of The World in a famous court case.


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