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Socialism Today 106 - Dec/Jan 2006/07


Socialism Today 106 - Dec/Jan 2006/07

Bush whacked in US elections

"It was a thumping. I thought we were going to do fine yesterday. That shows what I know". (George W Bush, 8 November) LYNN WALSH analyses the US mid-term elections.

They were a national referendum on Bush and the Republicans, who controlled both houses of Congress. Local issues were pushed aside. Clearly, the disastrous war in Iraq was the decisive issue, with six out of ten opposing the war. About four out of ten voters said (in exit polls) their vote was a vote against Bush.

Iraq debacle

No easy exit for US imperialism

The war in Iraq was the single biggest factor in the defeat of Bush and the Republican Party in Novemberís mid-term US elections. What does this now mean for the future of Iraq? PETER TAAFFE examines the present situation and the war in Iraq.

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