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Socialism Today 109 - May 2007


Socialism Today 109 - May 2007

Forever blowing bubbles?

What is happening to the world economy?

The world capitalist economy has been buoyed up by a tide of liquidity, a flood of cheap credit. This has fuelled the frenzied financial speculation of the last few years, a profits bonanza for the super-rich. Underlying this, however, are unsustainable imbalances and deepening contradictions in world economic relations. LYNN WALSH looks in depth at the processes taking place.

New German party a shift to the right

The end of March saw national congresses of Germany’s two left-wing political parties – WASG (Electoral Alternative Work and Social Justice) and Left Party.PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism). Both voted with large majorities in favour of merging in June to form a new party, Die Linke (The Left). SASCHA STANICIC, Sozialistische Alternative (SAV – CWI Germany) and WASG National Council member, reports.

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Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna