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Socialism Today 110 - June 2007


The coronation of Gordon Brown

The long wait is nearly over. Tony Blair is leaving and it will be good to see him go. Any sense of jubilation, however, is tempered by the fact that his successor, Gordon Brown, will continue with his basic programme: public services will be cut, anti-union laws will stay, and inequality will increase. PETER TAAFFE writes on the significance of the transition.

Has France moved to the right?

The crowning of right-wing president Nicolas Sarkozy was greeted by George Bush and Tony Blair. French workers, young people, and those in the sprawling, run-down suburbs, on the other hand, are bracing themselves for severe attacks on living and working conditions. KARL DEBBAUT assesses the result and its implications.

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The SNP victorious. What now?

Mixed results in May's elections

Election farce brews new storms

Gay equality struggle continues
There is sill a long way to go forty years after the partial decriminalisation of gay sex, Greg Randall argues

Yeltsin's legacy
Clare Doyle writes on the Yeltsin years and the impact of capitalist restoration

Biofuels profits
Are biofuels a solution?

The God Delusion
Dissecting the 'god hypothesis'


Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna