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Socialism Today 111 - July-August 2007


Socialism Today 111 - July-August 2007

British rule in Asia: the poisoned legacy

The British empire dominated South and South East Asia, maintaining its power through the cynical manipulation of ethnic and religious division, alongside brutal repression. It could not, however, hold out against rising workers’ and nationalist movements, particularly after the second world war. As the 60th anniversary of Indian independence approaches, PETER TAAFFE comments on the issues raised by two recent books on the end of empire.

Pakistan independence: 60 years of shattered dreams

Pakistan celebrates its 60th anniversary on 14 August 2007. Those years have been dominated by right-wing military rule, a parasitic capitalist class and feudal landlords in rural areas. The working class and poor face grinding poverty. KHALID BHATTI, of the Socialist Movement Pakistan, reports from Lahore.

Conflict in Gaza

After bloody clashes with militias linked to Fatah and Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, the Islamic organisation, Hamas, took control of the Gaza strip on 13 June. Predictably, this has led the Israeli state, the US and other powers to express support for Fatah. Meanwhile, the people of Gaza are stuck under economic siege and in fear of further violence. KEVIN SIMPSON reports.

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