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Socialism Today 118 - May 2008

Socialism Today 118 - May 2008

1968: year of revolution

Factory and university occupations in France. The US civil rights movement and rage at the Vietnam war. Upheavals in Italy, Pakistan and Northern Ireland. Revolt in Stalinist Czechoslovakia. Brutal repression in Mexico. The events of 1968 sent shockwaves around the world, inspiring workers and youth, striking fear into the capitalist establishment. To introduce this special anniversary edition of Socialism Today, PETER TAAFFE takes an overview of 1968, a year of international revolution.

The May events in France

Forty years on and interest in this inspirational revolutionary movement is greater than ever. But May-June 1968 went much further than the student radicalisation noted by most reporters. An all-out general strike by ten million workers was backed by the overwhelming majority of society. CLARE DOYLE, author of France 1968: Month of Revolution, looks back at this momentous movement.

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All power to the French workers!
We reprint an article written as the May events unfolded - first published in Militant, June 1968

Students & the class struggle
Our alternative to the 'student power' trend, presented to the 1968 conference of the Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation

RSSF: turn to the labour movement
A report from Militant, December 1968, on the RSSF conference debates

RSSF manifesto
The RSSF manifesto adopted at the November 1968 conference

France May 2008
Sarkozy wants to banish the ghosts of 1968 but resistance grows. Alexandre Rouillard reports

Fighting for a promised land
Hannah Sell looks at the life and ideas of Martin Luther King, assassinated in April 1968

France 1968: month of revolution
Clare Doyle, price 7.50
France 1968, month of revolution - click for larger picture of cover