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Socialism Today 120 - July/August 2008

Socialism Today 120 - July/August 2008

Irish No hits EU rulers

The vote in Ireland against the Lisbon treaty has stunned the EU rulers. Reeling in shock, establishment politicians and big-business are branding the electorate as ignorant and reactionary. The majority of Irish NO voters, however, consciously rejected their plans to press ahead with the neo-liberal agenda of privatisation and attacks on workers’ rights and living standards. PETER TAAFFE assesses the vote and its affects on the EU.

NHS at 60

The real history of the struggle for a national health service

The NHS has always been fiercely defended as the biggest social reform the British working class has won. But it has been under increasing attack for 30 years. Although still widely valued, its image has been tarnished by years of underinvestment, cuts and scandals. New Labour’s increased spending swells business profits rather than public services. JON DALE reports on how the NHS was won and whether it can survive.

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Political tremors after the quake

Global warning
Disasters hit the poor hardest

Ireland's No
Kevin McLoughlin reports from Dublin on the referendum campaign & its consequences

A privateers' treaty
A speech by Joe Higgins (former TD for Dublin West) on the Lisbon treaty

The rise of sovereign wealth funds
A sign that the neo-liberal era is breaking down, by Lynn Walsh

The fight for universal suffrage
Eighty years after women finally won equal voting rights. Eleanor Donne writes

Surrealism's revolutionary heart
Trotsky, Breton, Rivera & the 1938 Manifesto, Towards a Free Revolutionary Art

Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna