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Socialism Today 121 - September 2008

Conflict in the Caucasus

THE WORLD’S PRESS had their attention diverted from the glitter of China’s Olympic games as the dispute between Russia and the Caucasian republic of Georgia over the small breakaway region of South Ossetia suddenly escalated into a nightmarish military conflict. This dramatic conflict will have profound consequences, in the Caucasus and internationally. ROB JONES writes from Moscow.

Monbiot’s nuclear retreat

THE WELL-KNOWN green campaigner and Guardian columnist George Monbiot has shocked green-lefts and radical environmentalists by coming out in support of nuclear power. In an article in The Guardian on August 5 he wrote in relation to global warming: "I have now reached the point at which I no longer care whether or not the answer is nuclear. Let it happen…" PETE DICKENSON assesses this shift in position.

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