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Socialism Today 123 - November 2008

Socialism Today 123 - November 2008

Germany 1918-19

The revolution begins

This November marks the 90th anniversary of the start of the German revolution. It took place in what was the most industrialised country in the world, involving its most powerful working class. Hot on the heels of the Russian revolution of 1917, it had the potential to change the course of history. ROBERT BECHERT looks at these incredible revolutionary events, assessing their relevance for socialists today.

The October crisis

The imminent October meltdown of the global banking system appears to have been averted, at least for the time being. But the credit crunch continues and capitalist leaders are forced to recognise the world is plunging into a deep recession. For many millions of workers this crisis in the profit system means unemployment, slashed incomes and untold suffering. LYNN WALSH writes.

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