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Socialism Today 127 - April 2009

Socialism Today 127 - April 2009

A crumbling edifice

Not long ago, the capitalists thought they were invincible, free to exploit the world’s human and natural resources with impunity. Financial wheeler-dealers even called themselves the masters of the universe. Capitalism today looks more like Ozymandias, the mighty king reduced to dust in the famous poem by PB Shelley. PETER TAAFFE assesses the global situation in an edited version of a draft thesis being discussed at this month’s European Bureau of the Committee for a Workers’ International. The full version is available on the CWI website:

Global Warning

Any colour car so long as it’s green

An urgent programme to tackle climate change is desperately needed. In fact, the latest scientific evidence indicates that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has been conservative in its analysis. Decisive action needs to be taken immediately if the worst effects of global warming are to be avoided. A huge programme of public spending on the environment could introduce green technology rapidly and create millions of jobs around the world, because the technology will be relatively labour intensive. PETE DICKENSON outlines an environmentally sustainable programme for the car industry. BRETT HOVEN reports from the US on the savage attacks being made on car workers' pay, jobs and conditions.

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