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Socialism Today 129 - June 2009

Socialism Today 129 - June 2009

Who’s to blame?

The current economic crisis has fuelled waves of anger around the world. Prime targets are the top bankers and stock market dealers who epitomise the rampant, ultra-free market policies of the last 20 years. Backed by their political accomplices, they gorged themselves while workers’ conditions worsened, and finance capital drove down living standards in the neo-colonial countries. LYNN WALSH argues that behind the obscene greed lie more fundamental reasons for today’s global turmoil.

Visteon: when workers are forced to fight

When Visteon managers sacked the entire workforce with six minutes’ notice they expected the workers to walk away heads bowed. Instead, they had unleashed a bitter two-month battle of occupations, roof-top protests, 24-hour pickets, lobbies and demonstrations. PAULA MITCHELL writes on the importance of this dispute to the changing consciousness of workers in Britain.

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European demos
Mood for jobs fight grows

Young in Britain
On the frontline of the crisis

School students show the way

Waterford Crystal
Nationalisation was the only option

Sri Lanka
Rajapakse claims victory

The early Chartist movement
Chartism was in embryo a movement towards a workers' party, argues Ed Doveton

Tiananmen and the working class
Vincent Kolo looks back at the significance of the historic movement of 1989

Art and propaganda
The Whitechapel Guernica exhibition

In the name of justice
The John Pilger collection


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