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Socialism Today 135 - February 2010

Socialism Today 135 - February 2010

Editorial: Copenhagen cop-out

THE UN CONFERENCE on climate change (Cop15), held in Copenhagen 7-18 December, was a fiasco. After years of preparation, the representatives of 193 countries discussed and wrangled for two weeks but no agreement was reached, let alone the framework for a binding international treaty, Cop15ís original aim.

The failure of the Cop15 assembly to produce an agreement was not merely the result of manoeuvres by this or that recalcitrant government. It reflects the inevitable clash of interests between rival national states, each pursuing its own power, prestige and economic advantage. They may seek to guard themselves against the worst effects of global warming, but they want to dump the costs onto other states.

The axe-men are coming: preparing the public-sector fight back

General election campaigning has begun in Britain with the establishment parties unveiling plans for deep public-sector cuts. The details may vary. But they all agree that workers and sections of the middle class should pay for the economic devastation wrought by the bankers and the failures of the capitalist system. As HANNAH SELL writes, only determined, militant action will be able to push back this offensive.

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