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Socialism Today 138 - May 2010

Socialism Today 138 - May 2010

Europe: eruptions and fissures

In April, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) held a European Bureau, bringing together socialists from around Europe, and further afield. Among many other issues, it discussed the overall political and social situation in Europe. The article below is extracted from the main political resolution passed by the bureau. Further reports – and the full text of the resolution – are available from the CWI website.

Playing the trump card

Using the courts against strike action

THE RMT signal workers’ strike due in early April was quashed by the high court on the most spurious grounds. It is the latest in a long line of judgments that have come down against the trade unions and in favour of the employers. Of the 36 applications for injunctions to the high court in the last five years, all bar seven were against planned strikes in transport, the prison service or Post Office. BILL MULLINS reports on the rise of judicial action against workers.

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An analysis of neo-liberal housing policy is assessed by Paul Kennedy

Labour in Irish History
On the centenary of its publication Niall Mulholland looks again at James Connolly's classic book

Labour after Clause Four
We reprint an article written by Peter Taaffe on the 1995 special conference which abolished the Labour Party's socialist clause