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Socialism Today 143 - November 2010

Socialism Today 143 - November 2010

Currency war - Clashes escalate crisis

The currency war threatens to develop into an open trade war, with beggar-my-neighbour protectionist measures. Currency and trade conflicts will drive the world capitalist economy into even deeper crisis. Faced with growing tensions, the G20 leaders are in disarray. LYNN WALSH analyses the situation.

A new Labour leader, still

ED MILIBAND’S narrow victory over his elder brother David in Labour’s leadership contest was presented in the right-wing media as the re-establishment of ‘trade union domination’ over the Labour Party and even as a ‘lurch to the left’.

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No way forward for deadlocked talks

Entrenched inequality

A heated debate
Manny Thain reviews a recent book dissecting the Climategate scandal

The English Defence League
Racism, violence and division. Steve Score reports

Is Red Plenty possible
Peter Taaffe writes on the planned economy and the struggle for socialism

The recent election was a boost for right-wing forces, argues Johan Rivas

Made in Dagenham
A striking victory, an inspiring film

Michael Foot
An exhibition on his life & times

Cover cartoon: Suzanne Muna

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