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Socialism Today 145 - February 2011

Socialism Today 145 - February 2011

A new year of struggle

Dramatic changes have affected Britain. The student protests of last year set the scene. Now the prospect of significant industrial action against savage public-sector cutbacks is on the agenda. As is building a broad, mass anti-cuts movement. PETER TAAFFE assesses the situation in an article taken from material for the Socialist Party’s national conference in February.

WikiLeaks, state repression and the limits of the ‘new media’

For releasing a flood of secrets of state diplomacy, WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange are being furiously pursued by the US government, its allies and the right-wing media. This highlights an intensification of the global cyberwar and a struggle for control of the new cyber-media. JUDY BEISHON reports.

Students: following on from the first wave of struggle

IN THE space of one month, the way young people are viewed by the mass media – and by themselves – was turned upside down. Frequently criticised for being apathetic, in the first wave of the movement against education cuts (10 November to 9 December), they showed that they were extremely political, determined and active. They engaged in the first battle against the coalition government, bringing them within 22 votes of defeat in parliament. BEN ROBINSON reports.

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