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Socialism Today 152 - October 2011

Socialism Today 152 - October 2011

Eurozone endgame

After a year and a half, the Greek debt crisis is far from resolved. In fact, with Greece on the verge of a social explosion, a default and exit from the euro appears almost inevitable. The eurozone is threatened by an interlocking sovereign debt and banking crisis, compounded by near-zero growth. Capitalist leaders are in complete disarray. Competing national interests are a barrier to cooperative measures. LYNN WALSH analyses the latest twists and turns of the eurozone crisis.

Libya’s difficult and dangerous road

The first weeks following the fall of Tripoli to rebel forces have, unfortunately, confirmed how the Libyan revolution is in grave danger of being derailed. An absence, so far, of independent organisations of workers and youth and the dark shadow of NATO’s intervention have produced a situation where scarcely a day goes by without warning signs appearing of the dangers ahead. ROBERT BECHERT reports.

Women under siege in the age of austerity

As the Con-Dem coalition’s cuts savage the public sector and economic slowdown bites, working-class women are being hit disproportionately hard. Not only are they at the sharp end of the attacks, however, women are also in the frontline of the fight-back, SARAH SACHS-ELDRIDGE reports.

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