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Socialism Today 154 - December/January 2011/12

Socialism Today 154 - December/January 2011/12

Into the abyss?

The eurozone is at a tipping point. EU leaders are in disarray and have no clear strategy for resolving the crisis. Fragmentation of the eurozone could trigger another deep financial crisis and global economic downturn. LYNN WALSH analyses the crisis.

Putting unemployed youth on the map

THE 2011 recreation of the Jarrow march was perfectly timed. Coming on the 75th anniversary of the original march, it occurred in between the biggest riots in recent British history, and the youth unemployment figures topping one million for the first time since 1994. BEN ROBINSON reports on this important initiative taken by Youth Fight for Jobs,

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Already there is opposition to Monti

Just Do It
Climate-change campaign DVD reviewed

School wars
Martin Powell-Davies looks at the Con-Dem's education counter-revolution

Writing off the working class?
Ken Douglas reviews the book by Owen Jones, Chavs: the demonization of the working class

The birth of Bangladesh
Forty years ago Bangladesh won its independence struggle. Khalid Bhatti writes

Building the revolution
Soviet art and architecture exhibition

Market rule or party rule?
The secret world of China's Communist Party