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Socialism Today 157 - April 2012

Socialism Today 157 - April 2012

A new type of revolution?

Revolutionary and radical movements have been sweeping the world. The Arab spring, Occupy, action by students and youth, and strike waves have all ushered in a new era of resistance to dictatorship and austerity. In turn, this has sparked widespread debate on the nature of mass struggle today. HANNAH SELL reviews a contribution to this debate by Paul Mason.

The euro patient: ‘stabilised’ but still critical

The Greek bailout 2.0 has averted a default, for the moment. The new fiscal pact is a straitjacket that will aggravate Europe’s austerity-induced recession. Ireland’s referendum threatens to shake the EU and the eurozone. There is growing discord among EU leaders. Far from over, workers’ struggles against capitalist austerity will erupt on an even bigger scale. LYNN WALSH reports.

Off on the wrong track?

The announcement in early 2011 of plans for a new high-speed rail link has already generated a great deal of debate in the media and the communities affected by the project, as well as on the letters pages of The Socialist newspaper. In a further contribution to the debate, NEIL CAFFERKY outlines the main issues raised.

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South Africa
Biggest workers' movement since the end of apartheid

State of the unions
Rob Williams draws a balance sheet of the trade unions' response to austerity

Driving industrial action
A new book on struggle in the car industry is reviewed by Bill Mullins

The horrors of Stalingrad
Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate

A crisis of profits - letter and reply by Peter Taaffe; and a Dickens of a question

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