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Issue 163 November 2012

Socialism Today 163 - November 2012

After October 20: Preparing for a one-day general strike

Trade unionists have demonstrated their determination to defend jobs and services. The overwhelming mood on marches in London, Glasgow and Belfast was that further, more militant action is required to fight back against and defeat the Con-Dem coalition’s savage cut-backs. PETER TAAFFE assesses the situation, and the tasks ahead for the workers’ movement.


Post-Gaddafi Libya: still volatile and violent

JUST OVER a month since the death of the US ambassador, developments in Libya illustrate the instability, even chaos, gripping many parts of the country. Although elections passed off peacefully in July, in reality, the General National Congress is powerless in the face of the competing militias. ROBERT BECHERT reports.

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A new season of struggle?

Police commissioner elections

South Africa
The new National Strike Coordinating Committee

Fish stocks
Depleted by overfishing and climate change

The fall of Labour Scotland
A new book looking at Scottish Labour's steep decline reviewed by Philip Stott

Clay Cross
When Labour councillors took on the Tory government, 40 years ago - by Dave Gorton

Bo Xilai and the CCP crisis
Bo's fall from grace and the risks to the regime. Vincent Kolo reports

Moving pictures
1960s and 70s photography exhibition

Letter and reply on capital investment

Cover photo: Suzanne Beishon