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Issue 164 Dec/Jan 2012/13

Socialism Today 164 - Dec/Jan 2012/13

Age of austerity preparing seismic convulsions

A feature article drawn from the draft document on world perspectives discussed at the December meeting of the international executive committee of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).

The menace of Golden Dawn

Greece has a proud anti-fascist history and yet, in 2012, a neo-fascist party, Golden Dawn, won 7% of the vote (over 400,000 votes), and 18 members of parliament. Even in villages that had been wiped out by the Nazis in the second world war, such as Distomo and Kalavryta, Golden Dawn averaged 6%. Why is this happening? Can it be stopped, and how? Below are extracts from articles by Xekinima (CWI in Greece), collated and translated for Socialism Today by AMALIA LOIZIDOU.

Rape is No Joke

Following high profile cases such as those of Julian Assange and Dominique Strauss Khan, there has been much debate recently about rape and sexual assault. On the Slutwalks and other protests, anger on these issues has been obvious. One response has been the Rape Is No Joke campaign launched by Socialist Students. SARAH WRACK looks at some of the questions raised by the campaign.

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As capitalist crisis deepens, issues of self-determination and workers' unity come to the fore

In a reprint from 2002, Lynn Walsh examines how the national aspirations of Israeli Jews and Palestinians can be met

Hurricane Sandy
Class divides highlighted by superstorm

Whose streets
The sell-off of public spaces exposed in a recent book

Letters on the Clay Cross councillors and capital investment

Cover illustration: Ben Robinson