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Issue 166 March 2013

Socialism Today 166 - March 2013

Women on the frontline

International women's day 2013 is being marked by austerity in Britain, where women are being hit disproportionately hard by cuts to public services, benefits and jobs. And by furious demonstrations in India, following the horrific gang-rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey in Delhi

A crucial stage for the Left Party in Germany

A few years ago Germany’s Left Party, Die Linke, was seen as a model for the emergence of new, united, left-wing parties in Europe. After the 2007 unification of its two founding parties – the then new-born WASG (Electoral Alternative Work and Social Justice) and the post-Stalinist PDS (Party for Democratic Socialism) – it entered the German Bundestag (national parliament) with 11.9% of the vote in the 2009 general elections. In 2013, the party stands on between 6-9% and has lost much of its appeal. SASCHA STANICIC, of Sozialistische Alternative (SAV – CWI in Germany) reports.

Tunisia: assassination, strike and resignation

The assassination of the left opposition leader, Chokri Belaïd, on 6 February represents a turning point in the process of revolution and counter-revolution which has unfolded in Tunisia in the last two years. It has opened a new chapter of confrontations in the ongoing battle between the mass of Tunisian workers, poor and young people and the largely discredited Ennahdha-led government. It has also exponentially escalated the political crisis at the top.

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Martial law used to break strikes

Canada's First Nations
A new movement is resisting government attacks, reports Socialist Alternative (CWI Canada)

World war II
Per-Ake Westerlund assesses the most destructive conflict in history

Fracking USA
How much oil does the US have?

Going south
Britain's economic decline

Hungry for profit
Food and the financial markets

Letter and reply on the demand for a 24-hour general strike

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