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Issue 168 May 2013

Socialism Today 168 - May 2013

The death of Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, the personification of the brutality of capitalism, is dead. We carry an edited extract from a longer article by PETER TAAFFE - written on the 30th anniversary of Thatcher coming to power in 1979 - with an introduction written on her death.

Euro crisis engulfs Cyprus

The troika’s bail-out package is an economic and social disaster for the people of Cyprus. How was prosperity so suddenly transformed into penury? LYNN WALSH reports.

Making the labour movement a safer place for women

An online declaration, Our Movement Must Be A Safe Place For Women, by two UNISON activists, Marsha-Jane Thompson and Cath Elliott, is circulating among trade union activists. It makes clear that male violence against women is never acceptable and argues that workers’ organisations have a particular responsibility to challenge male abuse of women within our movement. The Socialist Party supports these and other points in the resolution but, as HANNAH SELL explains, we do not encourage trade unionists to sign this statement as it stands. Its positive aspects are combined with political arguments and proposals which could be used as a means to attack the left.

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