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Issue 169 June 2013

Socialism Today 169 - June 2013

TUSC and the road to a new workers’ party

Rising support for UKIP shows both the erosion of established party loyalties and the existence of a profound vacuum of working-class political representation. What role can the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) play in coalescing the forces for a new workers’ party? CLIVE HEEMSKERK writes.

Boycotting Israel: the socialist view

Following an appeal from advocates of an academic boycott on Israel, physicist Stephen Hawking recently turned down an invitation to speak at a conference in Jerusalem. He joins others who have boycotted Israel in one form or another, particularly in reaction to the horror of the 2008/09 Gaza war, the killings of Turkish aid activists on the May 2010 aid flotilla, and the week of attacks on Gaza last November. What attitude should trade unionists and socialists adopt towards the boycott campaigns? JUDY BEISHON takes up some of the questions frequently raised.

GPs: taking care of budgets

On 1 April the National Health Service took another step closer to being fully privatised. On that day, 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), headed by general practitioners (GPs), took over responsibility for the majority of the NHS budget in order to ‘organise’ local health services, replacing 151 primary care trusts (PCTs). A GP in North-West England reports.

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