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Issue 170 July/August 2013

Socialism Today 170 - July/August 2013

The new capitalist elite

Plutocrats wield power and influence by virtue of their wealth. The ultra-free-market, globalised capitalism of recent years has produced a new breed of super-rich plutocrats. Wealth gives them influence, which gives them power, which enhances their wealth. LYNN WALSH reviews a recent study of the super-rich elite.

The Euro-elections and workers' political representation

Together with a new introduction taking account of recent developments - discussions with the RMT union, Communist Party, and others on the left, as well as UKIP's electoral successes - we carry CLIVE HEEMSKERK'S article (first published in the Socialist newspaper in 2009) explaining why the Socialist Party participated in the RMT-led No2EU-Yes to Democracy coalition in that year’s European elections.

Turkey: just the beginning

What started as a protest to save a park became a massive movement against the authoritarian regime. Facing savage police violence, new layers of workers and youth rose up to fight for their rights. They are here to stay, writes KAI STEIN.

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Victory for the mass struggle

London Olympics
What legacy?

Pollution overload

A history of colonial and capitalist looting, reviewed by Per-Ake Westurlund

Yesterday's world
Traditional societies

Good Vibrations
Northern Ireland punk scene on screen