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Issue 171 September 2013

Socialism Today 171 - September 2013

Prospects for struggle

The working class in Britain is more than five years into the worst assault on its living standards in eighty years and an elemental class rage is developing greater than anything seen for generations. But this anger currently has no viable outlet and remains, simmering, below the seeming surface calm. Inevitably though, argues HANNAH SELL, as happened in Turkey and Brazil over the summer, at a certain stage the anger will find a focus and erupt.

Fracking the Tories’ green mask

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that there will be massive tax breaks for firms involved in extracting oil and gas from shale rock, using a process known as fracking. He boasts that his will be the most generous tax regime in the world for shale gas. PETE DICKENSON reports on the abandonment of the green rhetoric of the Tories and Lib Dems in opposition.

The politics of hacktivism

‘Hacktivists’ are in the news: Edward Snowden’s dramatic escape from the US to the trial of Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks to Anonymous. GEORGE MARTIN FELL BROWN reviews two recent books which attempt to analyse the rise of this virtual movement.

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