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Issue 173 November 2013

Socialism Today 173 - November 2013

How red is Ed?

A few popular, focus-group tested words by Ed Miliband at Labour Party conference have had an electrifying effect. The Tories and their rabid right-wing press howl in indignation, while the few lefts remaining in the Labour Party dream of a new radical turn. But just how red is Ed really? PETER TAAFFE writes.

US shutdown ends but new cuts loom

There is a great sense of relief throughout the US that the government is no longer shut down - and 800,000 federal employees are returning to work. But, as BRYAN KOULORIS reports, further massive attacks to health programmes and pensions are preparing another similar crisis early in 2014.

The state of the student movement

Students were the first to react to the ConDems austerity onslaught, with mass protests erupting in November 2010. Three years on, CLAIRE LAKER-MANSFIELD examines the state of the student movement today.

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Merkel re-elected

Johan Rivas reports on the deepening economic and political crisis

Workplace relations
There has been a sustained erosion of workplace rights, writes Jim Horton

Australian art
A new exhibition

Days of destruction
'Iinternal colonies' in the USA