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Issue 174 Dec/Jan 2013/14

Socialism Today 174 - Dec/Jan 2013/14

Profit-fuelled global warming

Predictably, empty words were all that came out of the UN-sponsored climate talks in Warsaw – the 19th climate summit since Rio 1992. Despite the latest IPCC report that the threat is even greater than previously thought, no concrete measures were put in place to stop the rise of greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming. MANNY THAIN reports on the impotence of the capitalist system to deal with this threat.

The labour of Tony Benn

Tony Benn’s latest volume of diaries continues his frank and honest appraisal of his political life. He has campaigned long and hard – but in vain – to halt the degeneration of the Labour Party. His book, argues PETER TAAFFE, shows just how necessary and urgent is the task of building a new mass party of the working class.

The Middle East limits of US power

Instead of strengthening the hand of US imperialism, the disastrous invasion of Iraq in 2003 actually exposed its limits – and has fuelled violent sectarian division. The Arab Spring revolts of 2011 deposed key US allies. Conflict in Syria, regional instability, and Iran-Israel tensions are also testing US authority. JUDY BEISHON writes.

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