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Issue 175 February 2014

Socialism Today 175 - February 2014

South Africa: the struggle for a new workers’ party

Widespread anger is sweeping across South Africa, stoked by mass poverty and inequality, and the massacre of miners in Marikana. The leaders of the ANC – supposedly the party of liberation – sit at the top of the corrupt system. Increasingly, workers are looking for a genuine alternative, and last year saw the formation of the Workers and Socialist Party, and the decision of the Numsa union to withdraw funding from the ANC. Reporters from the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST MOVEMENT (CWI South Africa) write.

The fascist threat in Greece

Deep economic crisis, savage austerity and social upheaval have polarised Greek society. One result has been the rise of Golden Dawn, responsible for brutal attacks on immigrants and left-wing activists. CHRISTINA ZIAKKA, of Xekinima (CWI Greece), reports on the response of the political establishment – and why the left and workers’ movement must provide a genuine alternative.

Lenin’s revolutionary legacy

In an attempt to answer the description of Lenin by capitalist historians as a brutal dictator, some on the left turn to Lars T Lih. He has tried to reinvent the leader of the Russian revolution as some kind of woolly liberal. In so doing, PETER TAAFFE writes, the understanding of how to build a movement capable of transforming society is in danger of being lost.

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