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Issue 176 March 2014

Socialism Today 176 - March 2014

Britain’s gloomy economic outlook

The Con-Dem government claims that the economy is on the mend – and that its severe austerity which has brought misery to millions is the price worth paying. Yet stagnant living standards, rising debt and speculative bubbles give the lie to that claim. HANNAH SELL writes.

How Scotland beat the bedroom tax

A particularly nasty example of Con-Dem coalition austerity is the bedroom tax. It allows local authorities to reduce housing benefit payments to people deemed to be ‘under-occupying’ their homes. This has led to the eviction of thousands of people – often those with disabilities or from other vulnerable groups. However, the pressure exerted by a mass campaign has led to its defeat in Scotland, as RICHARD NEVILLE and PHILIP STOTT report.

Behind the Ukraine crisis

Massive protests are rocking Ukraine once again. As we go to press, president Yanukovich’s riot police have launched a brutal assault to attempt to retake Kiev’s Independence Square. A rotten political system lies exposed. ROB JONES looks at the different forces behind the Ukraine crisis.

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