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Issue 177 April 2014

Socialism Today 177 - April 2014

Mourn the loss, fight for the future

With the deaths in quick succession of Bob Crow and Tony Benn, the trade union and labour movement has lost two principled socialists and militant fighters. Their presence at meetings and demos will be sorely missed. While we mourn their loss, however, the best way to mark their passing is to renew the struggle against austerity, poverty and war – and to fight for the socialist transformation of society. PETER TAAFFE writes.

Net political impact

Technology and the means of communication have been transformed significantly over the last few decades. But how has this affected society at large? This is the fundamental question behind Evgeny Morozov’s new book, reviewed by BEN ROBINSON. One theme taken up is the idea that these technological developments have a particular social and political agenda inherent to them. But, as Morozov explains, the way these technologies are developed and utilised is driven by pre-existing social conditions.

Student struggles and the role of NUS

Students are under siege from the Con-Dem coalition’s drive to privatise education and ramp up extortionate student fees and debt. This comes on top of the lack of jobs and training, racketeer landlords and increased police oppression facing youth in general. A determined fight-back is needed – but from where? CLAIRE LAKER-MANSFIELD looks at the history of the NUS and assesses the state of the student movement today.

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