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Issue 178 April 2014

Socialism Today 178 - May 2014

Labour and the ‘immigration debate’

As Ed Miliband promises to make ‘curbing immigration’ a priority for the next Labour government, HANNAH SELL analyses David Goodhart’s book, The British Dream – Successes and Failures of Post-War Immigration, that has influenced Labour Party thinking.

The struggle against poverty pay: 15 years of the minimum wage

Dubbed a ‘minimal wage’ by many, the national minimum wage is set at a very low rate – just enough to raise the level of those deemed to be on extremely low pay. It is far from a living wage, and even lower for young people. JUDY BEISHON reviews the findings of a recent report.

How a socialist won in Seattle

In November, nearly 100,000 voters elected Kshama Sawant to Seattle city council – as an open socialist. The victory sent shockwaves through the political establishment and even around the globe. She is the first independent socialist elected in a major US city in decades. RAMY KHALIL, Vote Sawant campaign manager, explains how Kshama and Socialist Alternative succeeded in unseating a well-connected, 16-year incumbent Democrat.

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An Atheist's History reviewed