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Issue 181 September 2014

Socialism Today 181 - September 2014

Socialism and national rights

The bloody conflict in Ukraine, alongside the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza, has brought the issue of the ‘national question’ once more forcefully onto the political agenda. How can we open a road to begin to solve seemingly age-old intractable issues? This is the question which is sharply posed for the workers’ movement, firstly in the regions immediately affected by war, but also for the international labour movement. PETER TAAFFE writes.

The stakes are raised in pre-election Britain

The establishment political parties are jockeying for position ahead of next year’s general and local elections. They have little to offer, of course, except the bitter pill of continued savage austerity, with different flavoured coatings. What marks out this pre-election period, however, is the rising working-class anger, including a new wave of public-sector strikes. HANNAH SELL reports.

Engels and women’s liberation

It is 130 years since the publication of The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, by Friedrich Engels. Long considered by Marxists an important text regarding the origin of women’s oppression, it has been criticised by those promoting alternative explanations of women’s second-class status in society. CHRISTINE THOMAS weighs up the book’s relevance for women’s struggles today.

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