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Issue 182 October 2014

Socialism Today 182 - October 2014

Scotland’s referendum

A working-class revolt

The referendum has turned British politics upside down – even though the No vote won. The Yes campaign became a mass mobilisation of working-class communities: against austerity and rotten establishment politics, and for a positive future. This turning point raises key issues for socialists, writes PETER TAAFFE.

After the Gaza slaughter

In a period of 50 days, the nearly two million residents of the devastated Gaza Strip were bombarded day and night from the air, sea and land, by an estimated 20,000 tons of explosives – the equivalent of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945. It was the worst bloodshed in the history of the Strip. Around 2,200 residents perished, including about 500 babies and children; 100,000 residents saw their homes turned into rubble. SHAHAR BENHORIN, reports.

Israel’s history of occupation

The dust is still settling on the most recent war in Gaza, which included the massacre of over 2,000 Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Israeli state terror machine. It is the latest bloody chapter in the Israeli occupation, as a timely book tracing its history shows. JUDY BEISHON reviews.

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