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Issue 183 November 2014

Socialism Today 183 - November 2014

A ‘third industrial revolution’

New technological innovations are having a huge impact on the capitalist system, a subject explored in a new book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society. In this review, PETER TAAFFE outlines how they also raise the possibility of socialist transformation.

Ebola inaction: symptom of a diseased system

In November 2013 there were no reports of the Ebola disease anywhere in the world. On 6 December a two-year-old boy died in Meliandou, Guinea. Eleven months later, 9,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have been infected, with the numbers doubling every four weeks. About 70% of patients have died. JON DALE reports on the disastrous inaction by rich-world governments.

Environmental disaster and the need to change everything

Naomi Klein’s latest book is a search for radical responses to the existential threat from climate change. In it, she identifies capitalism as the cause of the crisis. While not clearly advocating socialist change, it is an important and influential contribution to the debate. BILL HOPWOOD reviews.

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Northern Ireland
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Cover photo: Nuclear fusion lab in San Francisco - Philip Saltonstall