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Issue 184 Dec/Jan 2014/15

Socialism Today 184 - Dec/Jan 2014/15

The great stagnation

Six years after the financial crash and economic slump, the world capitalist economy appears to be sliding towards a new downturn. The US is struggling through a feeble ‘recovery’. Germany and the eurozone seem to be edging towards a third recession. Japan is also recession bound. Russia is being battered by falling oil revenues and sanctions over Ukraine. China, India and other ‘emerging markets’ are slowing down sharply. Capitalist leaders are in disarray: they have no solutions for the protracted crisis. Analysing the present conjuncture, we are carrying here an extract from the November draft statement of the International Executive of the Committee for a Workers’ International, written by PETER TAAFFE.

In defence of TUSC

The Socialist Party’s annual Socialism weekend in November included a forum entitled, In Defence of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). As TUSC gears up for its biggest ever electoral stand we publish below the introduction by CLIVE HEEMSKERK, a Socialist Party executive member and the TUSC national election agent, one of the platform speakers at the event.

Caste-based oppression and the class struggle

In 2013, the British government agreed to include caste-based discrimination as an amendment to the Equality Act (2010). An alliance of Tory MPs and caste-based ‘community leaders’, however, successfully stalled its implementation to after the general election. What is behind this opposition? What role does caste play, both in South Asia and Britain? Why is it an important issue for socialists today? TU SENAN reports.

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