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Issue 185 February 2015

Socialism Today 185 - February 2015

Is the Green Party a real alternative?

The Green Party is picking up support consistently in opinion polls. This has been reflected in an increase in the party’s membership. Do the Greens really represent an alternative to the establishment parties? CLAIRE LAKER-MANSFIELD investigates.

Britain’s tipping point election

As the general election approaches, the political situation in Britain is more unstable than for many decades. The outcome is impossible to predict, reflecting the unprecedented unpopularity of all the major capitalist parties – rooted in the continued economic crisis. We print an edited extract from the draft British perspectives document to be discussed at the Socialist Party national congress in February.

UN climate talks: the Lima loopholes

New records are being broken for global warming, with 2014 the hottest on a world scale, while the Met Office reported that it was also the UK’s hottest in figures going back to 1910. Eight of the ten warmest years in history have taken place since 2002. That was the backdrop to the UN sponsored climate change conference in Lima, Peru, last December. The minds of the delegates should have been further concentrated by the massive climate change demo in the USA last year, the world’s biggest on this issue. So what happened in Peru? PETE DICKENSON reports.

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Health services in countries like India are under threat writes Sajith Attepuram

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