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Issue 186 March 2015

Socialism Today 186 - March 2015

Greece showdown

The election victory of Syriza has opened up a new period in the anti-austerity struggle in Greece and throughout the EU. And the stakes could not be higher for the workers’ movement. Niall Mulholland interviewed NICOS ANASTASIADES, of Xekinima (CWI Greece), just as Syriza leaders agreed a four-month bail-out extension with the EU.

Eurozone time-bomb

Mired in recession, the eurozone is haunted by the spectre of stagnation. Quantitative easing will not provide a magic solution. The election of a Syriza government on an anti-austerity programme has raised the possibility of a showdown with the leaders of German capitalism and their allies. An explosion is being prepared, however long the fuse. LYNN WALSH writes.

What lies behind UKIP?

In recent years, UKIP has emerged as a threat to a number of Tory but also Labour seats. Its Tory-oriented anti-immigration, anti-EU rhetoric has been adapted to a right-wing populism aimed at winning voters fed up with the political establishment. HANNAH SELL examines the nature of UKIP, and the need for a working-class alternative.

The inspirational life of Eleanor Marx

Eleanor Marx played a pivotal role in the mass strikes in the East End of London in the 19th century and campaigned for a mass workers’ party. She was to the forefront of the struggle for women’s rights and for international solidarity. CHRISTINE THOMAS looks at the life of this socialist pioneer.

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